Achal Investments Limited has focus on Small Finance and works with low-income families to provide financial solutions. It is also in the business of providing term loan and working capital support to traders and medium sized enterprises. Achal Investments Limited  has a full spectrum of customized financial solutions to help you formulate a more innovative and structured approach to your financial needs, which means better returns and safety for your investments with minimum tax liabilities. Our Depository and Stock Broking Services, an epitome of convenience, speed & safety, have an unblemished record of timely fulfillment of all their obligations towards the customer.

Achal Investments Limited welcomes all the Investors to a highly committed & dependable financial services organization that strives to deliver the best of Investment related Services. We believe & dare to do what other players in the financial services & Stock Broking Houses fail to achieve in terms of customer service & satisfaction. We use the best brains, some of the best Software & technologies that helps in giving our clients maximum returns.

Apart from these, main objects to be pursued by the Company:
  • To finance, facilitate, encourage, promote and assist in the establishment and growth of Industries and Industrial Undertaking, Subject to the provisions. To take part in the formation, supervision and control of the business or operations of any company or undertaking and for that purpose to appoint and remunerate any directors, officers or other experts or agents. To sell or otherwise dispose of any of the property or investments of the Company, not in the nature of stock in trade.
  • To acquire, underwrite, hold, sell transfer, hypothecate and otherwise dispose of shares, stocks debentures, debenture stocks, bonds, obligations and securities issued or guaranteed by any company constituted or carrying on business in Republic of India.
  • To borrow or otherwise raise money with or without security and /or by issue or sale of any bonds, mortgages, debentures – stocks of the Company, whether perpetual or otherwise, and to advance and lend money and assets of all kinds upon such terms as may be arranged and to lend, invest or otherwise deal with the moneys either with or without interest or security.
  • To carry on the business of the Company established with the object of financing industrial enterprises within the meaning of Companies Act, 1956 and to make loans give guarantees and provide securities to or behalf of anybody Corporate.